DiamondbriteCeramic Paint Protection

Ceramic coatings are a relatively new in the car paint protection Ireland market. They are slowly replacing the more traditional waxing and hard waxing, which is no wonder.
Ceramic coating for cars uses nanotechnology to provide a layer of protection over your vehicle’s paint work. The coating forms bonds with the substrate at the nanomolecular level meaning it does not wash away or break down like a wax. This protection keeps your car cleaner and glossier for longer.

Can be applied on your brand new motor or any used vehicle.

Some older cars might need exterior detailing process done first. To have pristine condition before application.

Follow the link below for vidoe of diamondbrite in action.

Diamondbrite in Action

The advantages of ceramic coating for cars

Ceramic coating is alternatively called glass coating, liquid glass, nano ceramic coating, ceramic glass, car paint protection coating, but is there a difference between all these products? Well, no, not really. All these terms describe a nano coating for cars based on silica/silicon dioxide (a key ingredient in glass). These nano coatings are hydrophobic, hard, heat and weather resistant, and this is why they are perfect for your vehicle.

Applying a car protection coating is an intensive and delicate operation and requires application by an experienced and qualified professional to achieve the best results. Remember that, no matter the hype, no coating is permanent unless well maintained.

A ceramic coating for cars will degrade if not looked after, and will need reapplication.A ceramic car coating is an investment for the serious car lover. While waxing is a quarterly expense, ceramic car coating is a one-off. A complete professional ceramic detail package can cost anywhere from €300 up to €1400 depending on the number of coats and surface treatment required