Odour & Virus Eliminator

This Treatment will kill off 99.9% of bacteria and Viruses

also serves to permanently remove bad odours (pets, smoke, damp, etc.). also kills off mites, germs and all bacteria’s that may be in your vehicle. The Odour Neutraliser treatment is a CHLORINE DIOXIDE GAS which produces an Agent to kill off any bacteria and virus in an enclosed space.

It is a powerful non-toxic oxidising agent, once applied professionally.

# Car is needed overnight #

1st Stage

Any car must be deep cleaned inside before adding this treatment.( for bad odours only ) Please look on our valeting page for prices.

2nd Stage.

After the car is cleaned & fully dry.( for bad odours only) While the fibers have open pores we then start the odour eliminator treatment for 8hrs.

3rd stage

Let the car run with interior re-circulation through the vents system for killing off any bacteria (odours) for 1hr

4th stage

Leave all doors open to ventilate for a further 1hr.

Leaving your vehicle fully sanitised on all surfaces

So now you Can enjoy and have a fresh new clean odourless car again.

(Add this treatment to your full or Inside valet for bad odours at only €50 or for just killing of Viruses placing it overnite is sufficient )