Why Choose Us?

We are probably 1 of the only self sufficient valeting companys . As we Harvest our own electricity with PV panels and also Harvest our own clean filtered Rain water. Recycle all our waste & use only bio degradable products.

For many people, the thoughts of spending over €100 to clean a car seems ridiculous.

But Car detailing can take a full day in a typical case, depending on the vehicle from your average irish cars to exotic sports cars.

The difference is all in the detail. As we try to cover every square inch inside and outside of any vehicle.

We highly recommend the swirl-free finish to make you fall back in love with your car. We check for minor marks or scratches before polishing to achieve the best results. Touching up of minor imperfections that simply cant be removed with our exact colour touch-up system on site.

We carefully detail the whole interior of the car and evaluate every part of it, from crevices and corners, edges, behind and under places not seen and make sure to have a dust free finish every time.
We choose only the best products on the market to make sure the job is done right.

Every car detailed is an advertisement for our business, so we are proud of placing our Car Lovers badge on the rear of every car treated (optional).

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We are happy to suit your budget, so call us for a quotation today.